Mobilgear 600 XP 220 – 20L



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Mobilgear 600 XP 220

Mobilgear 600 XP lubricants are a range of top quality, high performance gear oils that can cope even with the heaviest of loads, or in the most testing of conditions. Whether the gear drive operates with splash lubrication or circulation lubrication, these oils can cope with an intense workload.

Gearbox technology is always progressing, and the Mobilgear 600 XP range is designed to keep up with the changes. The development of gearboxes that are smaller in size but just as powerful is the focus, and this makes for more an increased demand per millimetre of equipment. Mobilgear’s 600 XP oils can keep up with this demand, while adding extra protection for the bearings, seal and gears.

Wear and tear on gearbox components is reduced when Mobilgear 600 XP lubricants are used, according to tests done in line with industry standards. The oils have been formulated to minimise leakage, as well as combat damage from contaminants and corrosives. These lubricants are perfect for systems that operate under very heavy loads, or extremely high temperatures up to boiling point.

Features and benefits

Mobil is a brand that offers a quality selection of products. The Mobilgear 600 XP gearbox oils offer features and benefits that include the following:

Resistance to foaming and emulsion

Highly effective protection is offered by these oils. They resist any kind of oil foam and water contaminant build up, which makes for a sleeker operation and increased reliability.

Reducing gear wear

These oils are also formulated to resist the micro pitting that can lead to gear wear. Less wear requires less maintenance, therefore there is less downtime. This increases productivity and saves money.

Additives offer increased protection

Tailor made additives mean more resistance to oxidation, plus there are fewer deposit, sludge and other contaminant build-ups. These lubricants are very good at keeping the system clean and the result is a smoother operation. This increases production levels, because of the reduced time needed for maintenance or repair. This lubricant is also cost-effective, due to an increased lifespan.

Main uses

Suitable for a range of applications, these lubricants are versatile. Compatible with marine and industrial gears, they are well suited to helical, worm, spur and bevel gear systems. Their use with Flender type gearboxes has even been approved by Siemens AG. This range of oils is ideal for a range of industrial gearing applications, including heavy-duty usage, while they may also be used in marine applications including main propulsion gearing. There are also various non-gear uses, such as shaft couplings and slow-speed opening rolling and plain contact bearings.

Oil Store can deliver

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