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Mobilgrease XHP 222 Cartridges

The Mobilgrease XHP 220 product range is a series of lithium complex greases specifically designed for high performance in a wide variety of applications, particularly those with severe operating conditions.

These lubricants have been developed to outperform other conventional products through the use of complex lithium technology. They have been formulated to provide an excellent performance in terms of resistance to water contamination, adhesion and structural stability.

With a higher level of chemical stability, the Mobilgrease XHP 220 range offers users outstanding protection against both corrosion and rust. The oils use a specifically designed set of additives that provide great oxidation stability and anti-wear protection.

Key features and advantages include:

Adhesion and cohesion properties

One of the key features of this product range is its excellent cohesion and adhesion characteristics, as well as high drop points. All this allows for an excellent grease tenacity, which helps enhance lubrication, thereby lowering machine maintenance costs.

Resistance to water washout

The Mobilgrease XHP 220 series of oils provide an excellent resistance to water washout and spray-off. This helps to ensure correct and thorough lubrication and further protection, even when the machinery is exposed to the most severe water conditions.

Performance at high temperatures

This range of lubricants shows a superb resistance to structural, thermal and oxidative degradation. This helps to extend the grease life, as well as enhancing the bearing protective characteristics even when exposed to environments of high temperature.

Main applications

These greases are perfect for use across a variety of applications, including the automotive, industrial, marine and construction industries. They are the ideal choice for severe operating conditions such as shock loading, water contamination and extended relubrication operations.

Further to this, Mobilgrease XHP 222 is ideally suited for use with farm equipment and chassis components. This is because of its sticky formulation which helps the product stay in these applications for longer.

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