Mobilith SHC 100




Mobilith SHC 100

Mobilith’s SHC range comprises a number of high-performance greases that are specifically made for use with the type of processes that require extreme temperatures. Synthetic lubricants are combined with a top-quality lithium complex thickener to produce this product.

These greases are wax-free, which results in lower traction coefficients when compared to those found when using standard mineral oils. The lubricants are thus very stable and also offer protective benefits. Many users opt for this product because of its superb performance, reliability and adaptability.

This is a multi-purpose product with many advantages, which include the following key benefits.

Superb performance at all temperatures

This high-quality product can be used in a wide range of temperatures, where it is capable of retaining its protective properties – even in low torque operations. This ensures smooth operation from the very start of processing.

Increased protection

Mobilith SHC 100 offers a very high level of protection against wear, corrosion, rust and oxidation, which allows machinery to perform far more smoothly and for longer. This results in less downtime, as there is a reduced need to repair the type of damage caused by wear and rusting.

Structurally stable

Even where high water levels exist, this lubricant remains stable and thus offers an outstanding, reliable performance.

Lower volatility

This product offers resistance to the raised viscosity that can occur in high temperature environments, which both increases bearing life and allows for longer intervals between lubrication.

Key applications

Mobilith SHC 100 can be used in combination with most other mineral oils, though doing so could detract from the superior performance of this product.

This versatile, multi-purpose lubricant can stand up to heavy duty automotive and industrial operations, and is recommended for use in temperatures of between 40 – 150 ℃.

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