Mobiltemp SHC 100




Mobiltemp SHC 100

Mobiltemp SHC products are a superior selection of greases developed with anti-wear properties, designed specifically for high-temperature applications. These products combine features of polyalphaolefin-based fluids with organo-clay to give them excellent oxidation degradation properties and a high temperature stability.

There are several advantages to Mobiltemp SHC 100 that make it a recommended product among experts, including:

Excellent temperature performance
This oil performs to an exceptional standard in both high and low temperatures. The main advantage of this is that there is a reduced amount of downtime waiting for the machinery to start up, and a lower maintenance cost. Furthermore, this oil has an outstanding pumpability rate at low temperatures, which gives it a lower running torque.

Great anti-wear protection
Another of the features of this product is that it has an excellent protection against anti-wear. This means that the bearings and other components of a machine have an extended life, which can significantly reduce the amount of unanticipated downtime.

Oxidation resistance
A further benefit of the Mobiltemp SHC series of oils is that they have an excellent oxidation resistance, and can maintain grease structure, even at high temperatures. This can lead to an enhanced service life and lead to longer intervals before the machinery needs re-lubricating.

Main applications

With a range of benefits, Mobiltemp SHC greases can be used in applications including both thrust high speed bearings where there is a requirement for a wide operating temperature range. As well as this, it is recommended for use with electric motor bearings that require a reduced friction operating environment.

Mobiltemp SHC 100 can also be used with applications that have a recommended operating temperature ranging from -50?C to 200?C.

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