Mobiltherm 605




Mobiltherm 605

The Mobiltherm 600 series is a set of quality heat transfer oils that have been made from highly refined mineral oil and base stocks resistant to chemical oxidation and thermal cracking. These oils are perfect for use in closed heating installations that operate at temperatures up to 315?C.

Mobiltherm 600 products boast a number of features and benefits that make them the oil of choice for many people. These include:

Outstanding thermal properties

This series of product has a high rate of heat transfer which provides it with an improved operational efficiency. These oils have viscosities that allow them to be pumped at both the startup temperature and the operating temperature. This allows the product to demonstrate thermal conductivities that give a faster heat dissipation.

Excellent oxidative and thermal stability

These oils have anti-oxidation properties that allow the machinery to run more smoothly and trouble free, which can give them a longer service life and reduce the downtime needed to maintain and repair them.

Resistance to decomposition and thermal cracking

Mobiltherm 600 products allow the machinery to be free from the formation of sludge and other unwanted deposits, meaning that there is minimum interference with the heat transfer capabilities. This too can minimise the need for maintenance and repair downtime.

Main applications

The recommended application for Mobiltherm 600 products is with systems that have a forced circulation. This product is not suited to systems that have a dependence on convection for the circulation of heat transfer, nor are they recommended for systems where oil is exposed to the air directly, as they can spontaneously ignite.

Mobiltherm 605 can be used with closed systems that operate between -12?C and 315?C, or with open systems that operate at temperatures ranging from -12?C and 180?C.

Other information

Mobiltherm heat transfer products should not be mixed with other brands and types of oil, as this can impair the excellent level of oxidation and thermal stability. If they are used in applications that operate above the recommended temperature, then vapour lock may occur.

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