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The Morris Alto range is a series of high quality mineral machine oils ranging from a viscosity grade of ISO VG 22 through to ISO VG 1000. This comprehensive range of viscosity grades provides a solution for most general purpose lubrication applications. These products have been formulated with R&O additives (anti-rust / anti-oxidant additives) and have brilliant all-round lubricating properties having been manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities at Morris’ Shrewsbury headquarters. They also separate from water quickly and cleanly.


Alto Machine Oils are extremely versatile and can be used in applications wherever a mineral lubricating oil is specified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). It has a modest additive package and is recommended for use in industrial applications such as; all oil-lubricated bearings, enclosed gearboxes, machine tool headstocks, vacuum pumps; automatic lubricators; circulating systems; oil baths; wick oilers; and mist, splash and spray lubricators.  Morris Alto Machine Oils are suggested for use in all general lubrication and oil can applications.

Higher viscosity grades in the range, namely Alto 460, Alto 680 and Alto 1000 are recommended for use in steam cylinder applications if condensate recovery is required.

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Viscosity & Pack Size

ISO VG 22 – 25L, ISO VG 22 – 205L, ISO VG 32 – 25L, ISO VG 32 – 205L, ISO VG 46 – 25L, ISO VG 46 – 205L, ISO VG 68 – 25L, ISO VG 68 – 205L, ISO VG 100 – 25L, ISO VG 100 – 205L, ISO VG 150 – 25L, ISO VG 150 – 205L, ISO VG 220 – 25L, ISO VG 220 – 205L, ISO VG 320 – 25L, ISO VG 320 – 205L, ISO VG 460 – 25L, ISO VG 460 – 205L, ISO VG 680 – 25L, ISO VG 680 – 205L, ISO VG 1000 – 25L, ISO VG 1000 – 205L