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Slideway lubricants play an ever-increasing role in the manufacturing process of all kinds of materials. Correct lubrication of beds, tables and slides of machine tools will give a better finish to machined products, providing the right level of lubricity and a solution to stick-slip issues. Morris Lubricants understands the importance of quality lubrication and has developed their own range of slideway lubricants; Morris Astra.

Available in 5 different viscosity grades (ISO VG 32, 68, 100, 150 & 220), Morris Astra is a comprehensive solution to all slideway applications. They are produced from quality, mineral base oils and contain a highly refined additive package incorporating a tackifier, or tacky additive as it is more commonly known. Tackifier ensures that the lubricant “sticks” to the moving parts at all times and avoids unwanted “fling-off”.

The high-performance additive package provides resistance to wear, oxidation and corrosion, as well as eliminating judder (stick-slip) that can occur in hydraulic or mechanically operated machine tools.

Benefits of Morris Astra Slideway Lubricants

The Morris Astra range of Slideway Lubricants have strong adhesion properties, even under high load conditions. They offer excellent oxidation and corrosion protection, provide outstanding film strengths and eliminate stick-slip and judder meaning smooth operation of the machine tool.

In many manufacturing applications, it is inevitable that oils lubricating the machine tool will end up in the coolant sump with the metalworking fluid. Fortunately, Morris Astra Slideway Lubricants separate completely from all coolants, including emulsions. Known as “Tramp Oil”, this can then be removed from the coolant using different methods, such as a Tramp Oil Skimmer.


Morris Astra Slideway Lubricants are highly recommended for use in all machine tool applications where there is a requirement for a tacky lubricant that can perform under extreme pressure. These include carriages, guides, slides, tables and ways and may also be used to lubricate cross feeds, headstocks and saddles across a wide variety of machinery, providing a complete solution to your slideway lubrication needs.

Morris recommend their Astra 32 Slideway Lubricant where a machine tool has a combined hydraulic and slideway lubrication system. The lower viscosity product still contains the tacky additive, giving all of the benefits listed above, but because of its lower viscosity grade, it can also suitably work in a hydraulic application.

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