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When it comes to classic and vintage vehicles, whether it be a car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, or agricultural machinery, selecting the right motor oil is as important a decision as any. Modern multi-grade oils, with high-spec additive packages are just not suitable for use in these veteran pieces of machinery. Additives such as detergents / dispersants are used to keep engine contamination in suspension and these contaminants are then filtered out using modern technology. However, in these older engines, oil filtration came in the form of a strainer type mesh gauze and it is not efficient enough to remove these contaminants.

Benefits of Morris Golden Film Classic Motor Oils

Morris Golden Film Classic Motor Oils are high quality, low detergent / dispersant oils, specifically designed for use in classic engines. This specialist range of monograde engine oils can be used in naturally aspirated four stroke diesel and petrol engines. Morris have specifically developed the Golden Film Classic Motor Oil range with superior anti-foam properties which give optimal performance in classic gearbox designs as well as the four stroke engines already outlined.

The SAE 30 and SAE 40 grades of the Golden Film Classic range are especially suited to lubricate lightly loaded diesel engines found in older generators (from manufacturers such as Lister, or Perkins), canal boats, and other watercraft. The superior performance of the Golden Film range can drastically reduce the potential of cylinder bore glazing occurring.

Morris Golden Film SAE 30 is an ideal choice for use in VW air-cooled engines from the 1960’s and 70’s without full flow filters because of the low level of detergent / dispersant additive.

Performance Level

Morris Golden Film Classic Motor Oils meet the following specifications / approvals:

  • API SD / CC

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SAE 20, SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50

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