Morris Golden Film Flushing Oil – 4 x 5L

Morris Lubricants



Golden Film Flushing Oil has been specifically designed by Morris Lubricants for use in both petrol and diesel engines, compressors, and hydraulic systems. Morris Golden Film Flushing Oil is produced using a combination of detergent / dispersant additives and highly refined mineral base oils to enhance removal of lacquers and sludge within engines.

A flushing oil such as Morris Golden Film Flushing Oil should be used if the history of a system is not known to the user, or alternatively, if the lubricant in the system has been used beyond the set oil drain interval. A flushing oil can also be used if the lubricant has to be drained from the system because of a contamination issue.

How to use Morris Golden Film Flushing Oil

Firstly, run the system until it reaches normal operating temperature then drain the old oil. Once the system has been drained of the old oil, fill the system to between minimum and maximum fill levels with Morris Golden Film Flushing Oil. Now run the system again, without load, for 5 to 10 minutes then drain the used flushing oil. If necessary, refill the system again with flushing oil, run without load, and drain again.

Now the system has been correctly flushed and any contaminants such as sludge or lacquer have been removed, refill the system with the recommended service fill lubricant. For help selecting the appropriate lubricant, our friendly and helpful team are on hand to assist. Get in touch today.

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