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Morris Golden Film Running-In Oil has been blended using high quality mineral oils and a balanced, and carefully selected additive package. It is an SAE 30 monograde product designed specifically to aid the running-in of new or refurbished / rebuilt petrol and diesel engines.

Golden Film Running-In Oil helps to quickly and safely bed in mating surfaces within new or rebuilt engines. Used carefully and correctly, this product can prevent any issues during the running-in period and help to greatly extend engine life by removing any machining glaze from cylinder bores, assisting the formation of oil retaining surfaces which are essential, and preventing the chance of bore polishing.

How to use Morris Golden Film Running-In Oil

Morris Golden Film Running-In Oil should be used as an initial-fill lubricant in a new or rebuilt engine. Once the system has been filled with the running-in oil, bed-in the engine by running on this oil for 25 hours, or 500 miles, which ever comes first. This will allow controlled wear and permit surfaces to mate. Once the running-in period is complete, drain the oil from the system and refill with the recommended service fill lubricant.

Performance Levels

Morris Golden Film Running-In Oil meets the following specifications:

  • MIL-L-2104B

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