Oil Sampling Pump



This Oil Sampling Pump is designed for sampling in all conditions. The fluid goes from the asset to the sample bottle without touching the pump, no need for cleaning. All parts are made of high strength plastic and screwed together.

Handling instructions for sampling pump

The sampling system offers a simple, professional way of drawing representative samples.

    1. Cut a suitable length of tubing. Push one end through the pump head, just enough to be seen on the bottle side. Lock the tube to the pump by turning the tube-coupling knob.
    2. Screw a bottle on to the pump.
    3. Put the other end of the tube into the fluid
    4. Build up vacuum in the bottle by pumping a few strokes and the flow will start. Make sure you hold, or place, the pump higher than the surface of the fluid you are sampling and keep it upright or you may get oil into the pump.
    5. If you have pumped up too much vacuum, you will have to follow the flow. When you have reached desired level, you must loosen the bottle and the flow will stop immediately.
    6. Unscrew the sample bottle and cap it.

Common errors when sampling

Make sure to keep the pump with the bottle upright or oil will enter the pump, causing cross contamination. If this happens the pump must be taken apart for cleaning. This is however simple to do, as the pump is all screwed together.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg