Petronas Arbor Hydraulic HV Oil




Ensuring that equipment runs efficiently and reliably is a priority in construction and agriculture, and advanced fluids like the PETRONAS Arbor Hydraulic HV Oil are a valuable tool for achieving this goal.

This oil has been specially formulated to suit the hydraulic subsystems of farming and construction machinery, such as earthmoving machinery and combine harvesters, which often work at high pressures. The components of these systems benefit from excellent protection against corrosion and wear, helping them to work reliably for longer, while antifoam and demulsive additives ensure uninterrupted heat removal and lubrication. Even within a wide temperature range, a constant viscosimetric profile is maintained to ensure a high output rate, which can help save fuel, along with ensuring a prompt response.

This product also has a long service life thanks to its excellent thermal and oxidation stability at high temperatures, meaning fewer routine maintenance interventions are needed. It also features good fluidity at low temperatures, so even during cold starts, the components of a system will be fully protected.

If PETRONAS Arbor Hydraulic HV sounds like the right product for your application, get in touch with our knowledgeable team at Oil Store to learn more about it and arrange delivery.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Viscosity Grade

46, 68

Pack Size

20L, 200L