Petronas Arbor Universal Multigrade Engine Oils




When working in construction or agriculture, it’s essential that machinery can operate reliably and efficiently, even under harsh working conditions, so picking the right lubricant is critical.

The Petronas Arbor Universal multigrade range comprise STOU (super tractor oil universal) oils that have been formulated to deliver premium levels of performance for machinery in construction and agricultural settings. They provide long-lasting protection and performance, so your equipment can continue to operate tirelessly and efficiently with a minimal amount of unscheduled downtime.

As STOU oils, the Petronas Arbor Universal range can be used not just in engines but also hydraulic systems, transmissions, and wet breaks. They bring a number of benefits that can improve vehicle uptime and therefore help to reduce operating costs.

The mechanical components of transmissions and engines are protected from wear thanks to an advanced anti-wear formulation, while operational uptime is further enhanced by preventing sludge and deposits from forming in hydraulic systems, transmissions, and engines. These oils also help enhance the experience of workers, such as by providing good lubrication even after a cold start thanks to excellent viscosity at low temperatures. Good viscometric stability with changing temperatures also keeps hydraulic pressure consistently high, meaning that servo controls will promptly respond. A balanced selection of friction modifiers also ensure that brakes work efficiently.

If you think that you could benefit from using the Petronas Arbor Universal Multigrade Engine Oils, contact our helpful team at Oil Store to learn more about procuring and deploying these premium products.

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10W-40, 15W-40 CE

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4 x 5L, 20L, 200L