Petronas Arbor Hydraulic Oil




In construction and agriculture, it is essential that machinery is running as efficiently and reliably as possible, and this requires fluids that can maintain their performance for longer, even under severe operating conditions.

The high-quality PETRONAS Arbor Hydraulic 32 fluid has been developed for the machinery used in construction and agriculture. It protects the components of hydraulic systems from the destructive effects of corrosion and reduces wear, even after a cold start due to high fluidity at low temperatures. A package of additives also inhibits the formation of foam to ensure continuous heat transfer and avoid cavitation. A prolonged oil life is made possible thanks to a high level of oxidisation and thermal stability at elevated temperatures, thus reducing the need for routine maintenance.

If the benefits of the PETRONAS Arbor Hydraulic Oil appeal to you, our helpful team at Oil Store will be happy to guide you through out procurement process.

Additional information

Viscosity Grade

32, 46, 68

Pack Size

4 x 5L, 20L, 200L