Petronas Arbor TRW Series




PETRONAS Arbor TRW Series is a collection of high-quality axle fluids specifically formulated for use with both agricultural and construction equipment that can maintain their efficiency while offering prolonged service life. As a result, they are a suitable solution for long-lasting and high performance for intense work rates to defend enterprise machinery against unexpected downtime and performance loss.

As specialised axle fluids, these dedicated lubricants are ideal for differentials, axles and final drives during standard service life. The TRW series is also recommended for transmissions that require API GL-5 performance levels.

Arbor TRW Series axle fluids from PETRONAS can offer many operational benefits for enterprises. They can effectively protect power steering systems and transmissions through their multiple capabilities. Their anti-wear, anti-pitting, and extreme pressure (EP) resistance are designed to extend component life, while their excellent oxidation and thermal stability helps prevent the formation of sludge and other deposits. These fluids also offer protection against rust and corrosion.

The TRW Series also offers a premier working experience by significantly reducing axle noise during operation. Additionally, it offers quality performance in terms of low temperature fluid flow.

For lubricants that you can depend on for your agricultural operation, order PETRONAS axle fluids from us at Oil Store today.

Additional information


TRW 140 85W-140, TRW 90 80W-90, TRW 90 LS 80W-90

Pack Size

4 x 5L, 20L, 200L