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PETRONAS Arbor Protective Fluid is a superior-quality coolant fluid and protective antifreeze in concentrated form designed specifically for the engines installed in tractors, earthmoving equipment and other types of farm machines. This protective fluid has an ethylene glycol base and can provide the utmost performance levels in terms of cooling and antifreeze protection.

A highly specialised protective fluid, this lubricant removes excessive heat that is generated by internal combustion while ensuring component protection from freezing if mixed with 50 per cent water at temperatures as low as –38°C.

Arbor Protective Fluid by PETRONAS can offer numerous operational benefits. It can increase equipment availability while reducing mechanical downtime, reducing running costs for companies. It provides longer cooling system life by delivering increased corrosion protection for metal-based components in farming machinery. It has a wide operating temperature range. As a result, it delivers optimum protection against freezing when the outside operating temperature falls to -38°C but also protects against boiling when circuit temperatures rise to 110°C. Finally, it is good elastomer and offers plastic compatibility for extended component life.

For lubricants that you can count on for your agricultural enterprise, order PETRONAS protective fluids now from our team at Oil Store.

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