Petronas Arbor Multi Range




The PETRONAS Arbor Petronas Arbor Multi Range is a selection of high-quality UTTO (universal tractor transmission oils) designed for both construction and agricultural equipment and machinery that ensures operational efficiency while delivering a longer active service life. As a result, it is an ideal solution for long-lasting and high-performance workloads and delivers tireless protection to avoid equipment downtime.

A highly specialised collection of transmission fluids, the PETRONAS Arbor Multi Range is engineered for applications like final drives, hydraulic systems, transmissions, and wet brakes in farm tractors and other vehicles and machinery.

Arbor Multi by PETRONAS can offer multiple operational benefits. It has high anti-wear capabilities for mechanical components in transmission and hydraulic systems. It can also keep hydraulic and transmission systems clean and free from sludge and deposits. The advantages it provides while working include excellent noise reduction in friction materials such as wet brakes and clutches and outstanding braking efficiency due to its well-balanced friction modifiers. It also offers good response from the servo controls of hydraulic circuits, delivering stability to temperature changes enabling constant and regular pressure.

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Weight N/A

FCT, FX 20W-30, VT

Pack Size

4 x 5L, 20L, 200L