Petronas Circo Light Rubber Process Oil – 208L



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This high-quality range of paraffinic oils has been formulated for use in plastics processing and the preparation of compounds in the rubber industry. PETRONAS Circo Light Rubber Process Oil – 208L is made from base oils that are both high quality and rich in paraffinic side-chains and saturated rings, making it suitable for applications that need strong oxidation resistance, a low fragrance level and a high level of chromatic stability under light and heat.

Recommended applications include plasticisers, base oils, extending agents and thinners, as well as processes in the rubber industry (natural, butyl, EPDM, EP and SBR rubber).

Benefits include a neutral colour that will not affect the end product’s colour, low volatility for a healthy and safe working environment, and a low level of evaporation into the environment at all processing phases, even during the storage stage and high-temperature processes.

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