CPI 1009 Series

CPI Fluid Engineering



CPI 1009 is a series of Ammonia Compressor Lubricants for the refrigeration industry. It is available in two viscosity grades; CPI 1009-68, and CPI 1009-100.

The CPI 1009 Series is manufactured using high-quality, hydrotreated mineral oils and a superior performance additive package which provides enhanced oxidation stability and pour point depressant. These characteristics allow the CPI 1009-68 and CPI 1009-100 to operate over a wider range of temperatures. Due to their low volatility, using CPI 1009 compressor lubricants can significantly reduce lubricant consumption and in turn, decrease required maintenance.

Applications of CPI-1009 Series

CPI 1009-68 and CPI 1009-100 are suitable for compressors using ammonia gas. They can be used in process gas rotary screw and reciprocating compressors.

Fluid Engineering from CPI and Lubrizol

The 1009 series from CPI Fluid Engineering, in partnership with Lubrizol offers a high level of corrosion protection giving enhanced reliability and reducing costly down time; they have low carry-over properties, which improves the efficiency of the evaporator; and they help increase the system life by being oxidatively stable. Purchase your CPI refrigeration oils from Oil Store today and if you require any further information, just get in touch with our expert team.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Viscosity Grade

ISO VG 68 (CPI 1009-68), ISO VG 100 (CPI 1009-100)

Pack Size

19L, 208L