Petronas Compressor A Syn POE 100




PETRONAS Compressor A Syn POE 100 is part of the PETRONAS Compressor A SYN POE Series, a range of air compressor oils developed to deliver premium performance. When operating at maximum discharge temperatures – up to 120°C – these oils are engineered to provide service life of up to 12,000 hours.

Formulated utilising a high-viscosity Poly Ester synthetic base oil, these oils feature a range of additives delivering zinc-free anti-wear, anti-rust, antioxidant and anti-foam properties. For enduring performance and to exceed industry requirements, these compressor oils have outstanding oxidation, thermal stability and varnish control.

The PETRONAS Compressor A SYN POE Series is suitable for a variety of different applications, including hydrovane and reciprocating rotary screw-style compressors with critical bearings and gears and those in stationary and mobile equipment. These premium oils are also suited for use with mineral compressor oils.

These expertly engineered oils assist users to maintain the cleanliness of internal surfaces and inhibits unwanted deposits building up due to their ability to control varnish and contaminants. They also offer excellent protection from corrosion and wear, defending components from corrosion and abrasion. As a result, operations can enjoy extended equipment life.

The outstanding oxidation and thermal stability of these oils allow them to maintain performance under high temperatures and pressures, enabling longer drain intervals. These oils have high levels of compatibility with most metal alloys and low volatility. As a result, compressors run effectively and trouble free. This allows users to benefit from reduced maintenance and make significant savings provides by lower oil consumption.

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