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PETRONAS Grease CaSX is a cutting-edge calcium sulphonate complex-based lubricating grease with a mineral base oil, and it contains corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants. This grease contains no conventional AW and EP additives as they are inbuilt, forming an integral element of the soap structure. This functional soap provides the grease with exceptional load carrying capabilities, making it ideal for applications involving heavy loads.

This grease from PETRONAS also has outstanding mechanical stability, exceptional water resistance and good corrosion protection, making it an excellent option for corrosive and wet operating environments. A modern high-performance grease, it is suitable for marine, industrial and off-road applications.

PETRONAS Grease CaSX is suited to most heavy-duty bearing applications, such as anti-friction and large plain bearings, along with other mechanisms that require a high-temperature NLGI 2 grease – for instance, cams and slides. It can serve as a multipurpose grease and is ideal as a solution for marine deck applications.

Its excellent adhesive quality makes it able remain in place for longer than conventional greases, and its good pumpability makes it suitable for centralised lubrication systems. It has been extensively tested in paper, sugar and steel mills, producing outstanding results, including reduced lubrication intervals. This grease’s operating temperature range is between -30°C and +160°C.

PETRONAS Grease CaSX provides multiple advantages. It seals parts against dust, has exceptional load-carrying capabilities and good retention when subject to shock loading. It has high resistance levels to water, rust and corrosive forces, including sea water, and offers good oxidation stability and extended service life

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