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PETRONAS HTO Heat Transfer Fluids are mineral oils designed for lubrication, process, quenching and heat transfer-type applications. They are paraffinic base oils with a high viscosity index, good chemical stability, a low pour point and natural oxidation resistance when operating at high temperatures. As a result, they are suitable for both low temperature and outdoor usage. PETRONAS HTO Heat Transfer Fluids also have excellent pumpability during start-up and thermal conductivity and high specific heat for all temperature ranges.

Outstanding heat transfer oils (HTO), PETRONAS HTO 22 and 32 are both recommended for multiple uses. They are recommended as general-purpose lubricants for equipment that operates under wasteful or lightly loaded conditions as a flushing oil, effectively cleaning out oil reservoirs and circulation systems when oil change intervals are being undertaken. Other applications that these fluids are ideal for include outdoor machinery, conveyors and chains.

PETRONAS HTO Heat Transfer Fluids 22 and 32 are also used as a heat exchanger medium within closed systems with operating temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius. For best results, heat should be applied gradually when the oil is circulating to mitigate local oil cracking, overheating and coking of the heat source elements.

These heat transfer fluids are especially suited for quenching large numbers of small steel parts. They can provide a quenching rate that is slow to moderate, which results in sufficient hardness with no risk of cracking the materials.

Advanced heat transfer oils, the PETRONAS HTO range offers numerous advantages, including excellent chemical stability and oxidation resistance. As a result of these inherent properties. they can be exceptionally useful for outdoor applications and machinery operating in low-temperature conditions. The stand-out feature of PETRONAS HTO 22 and 32 is their straight mineral oil composition, but they can also reduce the cost of lubrication in wasteful conditions, helping operations improve their bottom line. Their outstanding thermal conductivity also ensures they can operate effectively in all temperature ranges.

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