Petronas Hydraulic HV Range (ISO VG 32 – 68)



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The PETRONAS HYDRAULIC HV series is made up of superior-quality hydraulic oils that are designed with an exceptionally high viscosity index and are super stabilised, offering anti-wear and carefully controlled low-flow temperature properties. They are specifically engineered to meet the need of the latest hydraulic systems, including applications where the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifies a requirement for anti-wear hydraulic fluids.

The PETRONAS HYDRAULIC HV range is recommended for multiple applications, such as industrial high-pressure systems that use motors and pumps of all designs on both stationary and mobile equipment and in hydrostatic transmissions when working under intense conditions. Such applications include mining, construction and agriculture. They are also suitable for local marine applications when low ambient temperatures and rapid changes between low and high ambient temperatures are experienced.

Advanced hydraulic oils, this series offers multiple advantages. These include swift separation of water, excellent filterability and enhanced anti-wear properties. They are suited to a wide range of temperature conditions and can retain their viscosity temperature characteristics in active service. They have outstanding multi-metal compatibility (except silver) and provide good rust and corrosion protection.

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Viscosity Grade

HV 32, HV 46, HV 68

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20L, 208L