Petronas Sprinta F900 Series




PETRONAS Sprinta F900 Series is a superior-quality, fully synthetic oil designed for every type of four-stroke, petrol-powered motorcycle engine, along with gear boxes and clutches. It is especially suited to high-performance four-stroke engines, as well as engines in portable power equipment requiring API SN, JASO MA2 or MA lubricants.

It has excellent oil film strength for withstanding shear stress and providing outstanding bike responsiveness. It can also extend active service life and maintain bike power by controlling deposit build-up at high temperatures. It also promotes extended drain intervals due to its low volatility and impressive oxidation resistance.

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Additional information

Weight N/A

10W-40 SN, 10W-50 SN, 5W-40 SN

Pack Size

10 x 1L, 5 x 4L, 60L, 200L