Petronas Syntium 5000 FR 5W-20 SN




PETRONAS Syntium 5000 FR 5W-20 is a fully synthetic lubricant. It is formulated using CoolTech technology to control heat, resist oxidation, prevent deposit build up and oil degradation, and protect components while maintaining engine efficiency over the complete drain interval.

It is formulated with eco-friendly lubricant technology making it suited to maintaining high fuel economy and efficiency of exhaust gas after treatments. It is especially engineered for passenger cars that have direct injection turbocharged gas-powered engines and diesel engines like models from Ford.

Syntium by PETRONAS can offer multiple operational benefits. It delivers excellent protection from oil thickening due to lubricant oxidation, which is accelerated when using biodiesel fuel. Its strong oil chains help maintain stable performance and maximise engine efficiency. The lubricant also delivers outstanding resistance against and controls sludge formation throughout engines, ensuring every part of the component performs at optimum efficiency, lowering emissions and maximising power conversion.

It has excellent lubrication capability to inhibit abnormal wear in the cylinder wall and valvetrain, providing vital protection against engine damage that can lead to engine performance deterioration and increased emissions. It also offers outstanding heat control, preventing piston and turbocharger deposits, extending the active service life of engine parts, maximising engine efficiency and offering optimum performance for longer. It controls piston temperature increases caused by internal combustion to deliver piston cleanliness performance, maximising both fuel efficiency and power output.

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