Petronas Tutela Axle 700 EHD 75W-90




PETRONAS Tutela Axle 700 EHD 75W-90, a premium axel fluid, is fully synthetic to enable longer drain intervals while still providing complete protection for modern final drives, axles, transmissions, differentials and transaxles. Extensive testing has found this fluid to be suitable for almost any heavy-duty transmission, and it meets the specifications of many manufacturers—including MAN, Scania, Meritor, Volvo, Daimler, and ZF—enabling operators with mixed fleets to consolidate their lubricants.

As a total driveline lubricant for both axels and gearboxes needing a product that meets the API GL-4/GL-5/MT-1 or SAE J2360 standard, PETRONAS Tutela Axle 700 can enhance a business’s bottom line by improving vehicle efficiency and availability. A wide operating temperature range helps limit energy loss, such as by providing good lubrication at start-up even in cold conditions.

Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability supports a stable viscosity and prevents sludge and other deposits from forming, meaning the oil continues to perform for longer, even when operating conditions are severe. Superb protection against extreme pressure, wear, and pitting help components to last longer, while a consistent film strength due to improved shear stability further protects the various moving parts.

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