PETRONAS Tutela Multi DCT 700




The PETRONAS Tutela Multi DCT 700 is a premium, full synthetic and automatic multi-vehicle transmission fluid designed for wet double clutch transmissions (WDCTs), providing optimised clutch and synchroniser performance, as well as component durability for modern automatic transmissions in their active service life. A wide coverage of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications and comprehensive testing makes this transmission fluid suited to almost all models of WDCT transmissions. Consequently, it can simplify inventory management while mitigating any risk of incorrect fluid use.

The technology used in Tutela Multi DCT 700 makes it an excellent match for the transmission fluid requirements of hybrid electrified vehicles.

This state-of-the-art transmission fluid provides multiple user benefits. For instance, Tutela Multi DCT 700 delivers exceptional fuel economy performance by maximising the efficiency of vehicle transmissions. It can also prolong transmission life as it has outstanding viscosity stability when operating at high temperatures, stopping sludge build-up. This also extends oil life.

The fluid also has exceptional seal capacity and offers robust corrosion, gear, bearing and anti-wear protection, as well as increased shear stability to maintain constant film strength for efficient lubrication of all moving components.

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