Petronas Urania 3000 15W-40 CI-4




This advanced engine oil leverages StrongTech technology to keep heavy-duty vehicles running by extending the life of their engines, thus helping to keep down the total cost of ownership. It is recommended for all heavy-duty vehicles, both on and off the road, ranging from naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines of all ages to newer low-emission, high-output engines that use EGR or SCR technology in their emission-control systems.

PETRONAS Urania 3000 15W-40 helps improve engine efficiency by effectively controlling the build-up of deposits, while a sustained ideal level of viscosity provides for optimal lubrication. It also controls acidity, which in turn enables engines to work for longer by preventing corrosion, and this oil has a favourable viscosity even at lower temperatures, meaning better lubrication during cold starts. PETRONAS Urania 3000 15W-40 also has a longer drain interval, particularly when used with low-emission engines, meaning less routine maintenance.

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4 x 5L, 20L, 200L