PETRONAS Tutela Multi MTF 700 75W-80




The PETRONAS Tutela Multi MTF 700 75W-80 is a superior-quality, multi-vehicle, full synthetic manual transmission fluid (MTF). Specially formulated, it can provide excellent component durability and optimised synchronizer performance in modern manual transmissions for the duration of their active service lifespan.

Thanks to its extensive coverage of most major original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications and exacting field and bench testing, the MTF is appropriate for use in virtually every manual transmission model that requires API GL4. The technology used in formulating Tutela Multi MTF 700 75W-80 also makes it suited to dry dual clutch transmissions (DDCTs).

This advanced transmission fluid offers a wide range of operational advantages. For example, Tutela Multi MTF 700 75W-80 delivers extended transmission service life due to its superior thermal and oxidation stability while working at high temperature. As a result, it offers excellent viscosity stability, prolonging oil life while preventing sludge. It also offers enhanced lubrication that can protect all moving parts of manual transmission and improved performance for fuel economy as transmissions run at optimum capacity.

It can also prevent leakage thanks to impressive seal compatibility and offers strong protection against both corrosion and wear, extending the lifespan of components.

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