Petronas Tutela Trans TO4 Monogrades




The advanced transmission and hydraulic fluid that is PETRONAS Tutela Trans TO4 Monogrades is designed to be the go-to solution for meeting the needs of modern off-road equipment by protecting components like hydraulic systems, wet brakes, axles, powershift and hydrostatic transmissions, and final drives while delivering optimal performance. It meets the requirements for the Caterpillar TO-4 specification, but it is also suitable for use with other off-road equipment, such as that from Komatsu.

PETRONAS Tutela Trans TO4 brings financial benefits in terms of greater longevity for transmissions and hydraulic systems, along with enhanced vehicle availability. Compared to leading CD/TO-2 engine oils, it provides superior protection against wear and extends clutch life, while the FZG gear test has shown it to provide outstanding wear protection and load-carrying performance for final drives, gearboxes, and powershift transmissions. It also boasts good thermal, hydraulic, and oxidisation stability for a long oil life, as well as good compatibility with seals, and it protects steel and yellow metals from corrosion.

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TO4 SAE 10W, TO4 SAE 30, TO4 SAE 50

Pack Size

20L, 208L