Petronas Urania 5000 E 5W-30 CJ-4




This fully synthetic engine oil helps keeps equipment running reliably thanks to its StrongTech technology, which Petronas has developed to ensure an especially strong film for delivering optimal performance and a long engine life, even with an extended drain interval.

As a low SAPS oil, Petronas Urania 5000 E 5W-30 is suitable for heavy-duty diesel vehicles that conform to the Euro V and Euro VI emission standards. This includes newer low-emission, high-output engines that employ EGR, SCR, DPF and DOC technologies in their emission-control systems. It can also be used with older on- and off-road vehicles with naturally aspirated or turbocharged diesel engines running on various forms of diesel.

Thanks to optimal lubrication resulting from a sustained ideal viscosity, Petronas Urania 5000 E 5W-30 enables greater fuel economy and helps prevent unexpected breakdowns. Even in cold conditions, this oil provides outstanding viscosity for better lubrication at start up. Its formulation also prevents soot from building up in the engine, which can compromised power output, and it controls acidity to increase engine life. Moreover, its low ash content helps protect aftertreatment systems.

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4 x 5L, 20L, 200L