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The Omala S2 GX 150 from oil giant Shell is part of a range of supreme industrial gear lubrication products. These outstanding oils are capable of performing well, and can readily cope even with conditions of extreme pressure. These heavy-duty lubricants are explicitly formulated for industrial gear usage. Properties that protect against friction combine with heavy load-carrying capabilities to ensure an outstanding performance from industrial gear systems.

Many qualities ensure that these oils perform as a reliable and highly effective product. These include the following:

Protracted oil life

Shell’s Omala S2 GX 150 is formulated to offer a long product life. Resistance to thermal or chemical disintegration plus resistance to sludge and deposit formation leads to lower repair and maintenance time and costs.

Impressive wear and corrosion protection

As well as longer lubricant and equipment life, this series also provides superlative protection against corrosives. By reducing the strain on machine parts such as of gear parts and bearings, it is of great benefit when it comes to the avoidance of corrosive damage.

An efficient system

A great level of water separation is another important feature of this product. Excessive moisture is promptly and simply drained from the system, meaning that machinery enjoys a longer life and the exact amount of lubrication exists in the ideal places. This slows down water corrosion and the resulting fatigue of gears that can occur.

Primary applications

Enclosed industrial gears provide the ideal conditions for the use of Shell Omala S2 GX 150, formerly known as Shell Omala 150. Additives contained in this oil have been added to ensure a brilliant performance, even where pressure is at its most intense. This leads to the sleekest of industrial gearbox operations.

Extra applications

A range of alternative applications exist that are suited to the use of Omala S2 GX 150. These consist of gear systems with high load functions as well as splash-lubricated set-ups.

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