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The Omala S2 GX 320 from Shell is part of a series of heavy-duty oils that are meant for use with industrial gears. These superlative products are highly capable of providing an outstanding performance, even in the most demanding conditions. As well as the potential to bear extremely heavy loads, they also boast built-in anti-friction attributes in order to guarantee a superlative performance.

A list of benefits make these oils superior to seemingly similar mineral-based lubricants, which include the following:

Enduring oil life

Shell Omala S2 GX 320, formerly known as Shell Omala 320, is designed as an ultra long life industrial gear lubricant, which has the competence to resist thermal and chemical breakdown. The formula also offers resistance to the build-up of deposits such as sludge. A less contaminated system means the user saves on maintenance and repairs.

Exemplary wear and protection from corrosion

As well as the protracted life span and potential savings on maintenance, this lubricant also boasts excellent protection for equipment against corrosion. It reduces the load capacity that causes strain on gear teeth, and wear and tear to other machine components such as gears or bearings.

System productivity

Another benefit of Shell Omala S2 GX 320 is the fact that it allows for good water separation. Any excess water is thus drained easily and without delay from the lubrication system. The outcome is an extended life for machinery and that the correct levels of lubrication exist, which helps to lower the incidences of water corrosion and gear wear.

Particular applications

Shell Omala S2 GX 320 is particularly designed for use with the contained gear systems found within industrial environments. The oil has been devised to ensure an excellent performance even in conditions of very high demand, thanks to specialised additives. This assures trouble-free use with practically all industrial gearbox types.

Further applications

This range of oils is also suited to use with heavy loading gears and splash-lubricated systems.

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