Shell Tonna S3 M 68



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Shell Tonna S3 M 68

Former name Shell Tonna S 68

Shell Tonna S3 M 68 is one of a set of oils designed specifically to lubricate tables of machinery, feed mechanisms and tool slides. This oil features an extra tacky formula, which is combined with superb frictional performance, especially when used on slideways. If a combination of high precision and lower speeds is needed, this lubricant is ideal.

This range of oils has various unique features and benefits, which include the following.

Frictional performance

The Shell Tonna S3 M series can readily cope with the slip-stick issues than can occur when slow-moving machinery is used, making positional control more accurate. This can result in a higher quality surface finish.

Adhesive qualities

The product gives machinery an enhanced ability to combat water wash-off that may ensue when metalworking liquids are used. A smoother, more uniform working pattern can be the result.

Anti-wear and corrosion

A range of the machine parts that can be adversely affected by rusting and wear are offered protection thanks to this formula. These include bearings, gears and sideways. In combination with impressive levels of against corrosion and deposit formation, this can lower overheads due to less machine downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Main application

This lubricant was formulated specifically for use with feed mechanisms and machine tool slideways. It can be used with either synthetic and cast-iron materials.

In addition, the product is endorsed for use on hydraulics which employ both slideway and hydraulic lubrication. This oil is also ideal for headstock systems and lubricating gear operations.

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