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Air Europa to buy sustainable lubricants from Shell

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Shell Aviation has been chosen as the lubricant supplier for Air Europa, meaning it will supply grease, turbine oil and other fluids for the Boeing 737s and 787s in the airline’s fleet.

AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 will be used throughout the fleet. Shell claims this product reduces the chances of engine seals being degraded while also decreasing the build-up of oil coke.

Air Europa’s chief technical officer, Pedro Macias Dominguez, said the deal will help the airline to meet its ambitions for sustainability while also supporting the fleet’s performance. He pointed out using Shell’s comprehensive lubricant range with its life-cycle sustainability approach would support efforts to decarbonise its operations, while also unlocking operational efficiency improvements.

The life-cycle approach to sustainability was launched by Shell Aviation last year. It said this would cover the entire range of AeroShell products as standard for both general and commercial aviation. This includes piston engine oils, grease, turbine engine oils and other fluids.

Shell’s general manager for aviation lubricants, Vincent Begon, said about these efforts:

“The fundamentals of lubricants mean that they are challenging to decarbonise, so a lot of effort has gone into developing this new proposition, including working with distributors and other key players across the lubricants industry.”

Shell also launched a range of carbon-neutral lubricants in 2021, with these including a number of premium products with industrial applications, such as the Shell Naturelle range of nature-based solutions, and the gear oil and grease needed for the wind power sector.

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