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TrAchem Rebrands as Oil Store

TrAchem becomes Oil Store

TrAchem Lubricants Rebrands as Oil Store: Simplifying and Strengthening Presence in Lubricants Industry

31st January 2024

TrAchem Lubricants, a renowned supplier of quality lubricants for nearly 30 years, announces its rebranding as Oil Store, effective 1st February 2024. This strategic decision comes in response to the remarkable success and continued growth of Oil Store as “The World’s Local Lubricant Supplier”.

Founded in 1994 as a family-run business serving the Yorkshire region, TrAchem Lubricants has evolved into a national and international presence. The emergence of Oil Store, alongside the core business of TrAchem, has significantly expanded the company’s reach, garnering recognition as a leading name in the lubricants industry.

Oil Store is a leading online supplier of quality lubricants, offering a wide range of products from leading brands. Having been in operation since the turn of the 21st century, is committed to providing exceptional products and services to meet the diverse needs of its customers effictively and efficiently.

The rebranding initiative aims to simplify the organisation’s structure and enhance brand recognition by consolidating under a single name, Oil Store. This transition underscores the company’s commitment to providing premium quality industrial lubricants from leading brands, while streamlining its identity for customers and stakeholders.

Despite the rebranding, there will be no changes to the products or services offered by the company. Customers can expect a seamless experience, with minimal impact on existing relationships and operations. Email addresses will stay in the same format (firstinitialsurname) however, will be updated to reflect the new domain ( The legal entity remains TrAchem Limited; payments to and from Oil Store will continue to be processed by, and paid to, TrAchem Limited, utilising the same bank and account details. This ensures a smooth transition for all financial transactions and maintains consistency.

Suppliers and partners can expect no disruptions, as existing contacts and processes will remain unchanged. Telephone numbers and addresses also remain unchanged.

The rebranding process will unfold gradually over the coming weeks and months, ensuring a smooth transition for all involved parties. Customers can rest assured that the exceptional quality and service they have come to expect from TrAchem Lubricants will continue under the banner of Oil Store.

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