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BP to roll out generative AI to its global workforce

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Starting from early next year, BP will start rolling out an “intelligent AI assistant” at scale to a large portion of its employees around the world to increase their productivity.

BP has partnered with Microsoft to introduce Copilot for Microsoft 365 into its operations. The cloud-based Copilot service leverages language processing and artificial technology to automate various everyday tasks like managing inboxes and replying to emails, freeing up employees to focus on matters that are more complex. BP hopes that by introducing Copilot for Microsoft 365, it will help its employs improve their skills, be more innovative, increase their productivity and improve the overall business performance.

The executive vice president for engineering and innovation at BP, Leigh-Ann Russell, said the introduction of the service represented a leap forward in the digital transformation at BP, adding:

“Leveraging the latest developments in AI-powered workplace solutions offers the opportunity for BP to transform how works get done. Our ambition is to empower our people to spend more time on innovation and the problem-solving that will help make the energy transition a success.”

She added that while BP had already been responsibly and safely using artificial intelligence for years, partnering with Microsoft would keep the company at the forefront of deploying this technology.

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