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Shell engages with marine renewable technology

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As part of its Marine Renewable Program, Shell Technology has agreed a number of partnerships with companies specialising in various technologies for harnessing energy from the seas and rivers.

First, Shell signed a deal with Makai Ocean Engineering to progress the development of offshore ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology. The companies will work together on making such OTEC systems truly viable from both an economic and engineering perspective.

The energy giant has also agreed to purchase two cutting-edge Modular RivGen devices from ORPC, a developer of energy technology. The RivGen devices use ORPC’s patented crossflow turbine technology to generate energy from river currents.

Shell will deploy the devices next year at one of its facilities on the Lower Mississippi River to demonstrate the technology.

Shell, which also makes lubricants like grease and gear oil for the more established wind-power industry, has also established a partnership with Danish firm Wavepiston to work on a desktop feasibility study aimed at identifying avenues for further collaboration and technological opportunities.

Wavepiston is currently involved in various projects to showcase its technology for harnessing wind energy.

Shell said about the partnership:

“Shell MRE is looking forward to learning from these projects and helping to continue to develop Wavepiston’s experience.”

Among the various projects, one is testing a solution that can both desalinate water and generate electricity, something that will be particularly of interest for island-based communities. Another project seeks to make its energy collectors sturdier while also less expensive.

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