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EV chargers installed in record number in 2022

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A record number of public charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) was installed last year as the UK automotive sector also ramped up sales of battery EVs.

According to data company Zap-Map, various companies installed upwards of 8,700 public charging points as of December 22, which is a yearly increase of 30%. This compared with battery EV sales jumping by 38% in the year to November.

There are now over 37,000 public charging points in the UK. This is somewhat lower than the UK Government’s goal of 300,000 by the next decade, when new pure diesel and petrol cars will no longer be available. Nevertheless, this target is still feasible if last year’s 30% growth is consistently replicated in the coming years.

Many companies see EV charging as a potentially lucrative growth market. This includes traditional oil majors like Shell and BP, which also make grease and fluids for EVs. Connected Kerb’s CEO, Chris Pateman-Jones, said that scaling up EV charging was the biggest challenge the industry faced, but added that having them at:

“…the right places where there is the greatest need is also critical. Collaboration between central government, local authorities, businesses and charging point operators is a prerequisite to unlocking the funding needed for a full transition, as is winning the hearts and minds of local communities about the benefits of electric vehicles.”

The widespread availability of rapid charging points and slower kerbside chargers is essential for EV adoption amongst the general driving population, especially for households without off-street parking for a private charger.

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