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ExxonMobil joins APQP4Wind

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As the maker of Mobil lubricants, ExxonMobil has joined the manufacturers of wind turbines and other suppliers to the wind sector by becoming a member of the non-profit organisation APQP4Wind, which seeks to promote standardisation and quality across the industry.

APQP4Wind’s General Manager, Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen, said that a persistent issue in the wind sector has been the absence of standardisation, meaning operators have no access to quality guarantees that are consistent across equivalent products. This can, in turn, have consequences for the availability, performance, and reliability of wind turbines, which ultimately determine the power output, and therefore profitability, of wind farms.

Industry giants like Ørsted, Siemens Gamesa and Vestas, as well as other industry players, therefore set up APQP4Wind to ensure that quality improvements continue to keep up with the rapid progress seen in the wind sector.

Elisabetta Scossa, a Commercial Manager for Fuels and Lubricants at ExxonMobil, said that joining APQP4Wind would reassure customers by assuring the quality of Mobil’s products for the wind industry, adding:

“As a leading global supplier of lubricants to the wind turbine industry, ExxonMobil endorses the organisation’s support for common quality standards. Our collaboration with APQP4Wind members on product and service innovations will help wind farm operators reduce maintenance costs and enhance equipment efficiency.”

According to Mobil, its lubricants are used in over 40,000 wind turbines around the world. These include its flagship Mobil SHC Gear 320 WT, a gear oil for wind turbines that has taken oil longevity, operational temperatures and equipment protection to new levels, even in challenging environments.

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