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Mobil showcases lubrication benefits for NASCAR team

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Leading lubricant makers have long teamed up with racing teams to develop new products to meet the extreme demands on the track, and now, Mobil is launching a “Mission: Unstoppable” campaign to show how its Mobil Delvac commercial vehicle oil helps trucking fleets, including that of the Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) NASCAR team.

The trucks in the SHR fleet haul about 35 tonnes of equipment each between race venues, including the race cars themselves and the spare parts needed to service them. Thanks to using Mobil Delvac and the services from Mobil, the team claims to have improved the performance and uptime of the trucking fleet, enabling it to focus more on achieving success on the track. Together with ExxonMobil, the SHR team has won almost a hundred race cups and two series cups since 2011.

As the SHR crew prepared for the GEICO 500 at the Talladega Superspeedway, its Fleet Manager, Gary Geissman, said in a video:

“We’ve been using Mobil Delvac for over 10 years in all our heavy-duty diesel trucks here at Stewart–Haas. In our fleet, we used to change the oil every 20,000 miles. We now change it every 70,000 miles—there’s less downtime for us, and a lot more time to chase the chequered flag.”

To ensure timely oil changes, SHR takes samples from its fleet’s Cummins X15 engines and sends them to Mobil for analysis. While Mobil’s new campaign is oriented towards America’s trucking fleets, UK fleets can also benefit from using Mobil Delvac and the Mobil Serv lubricant analysis service.

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