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ExxonMobil signs collaboration agreement with Burckhardt Compression

Burckhardt Compression and ExxonMobil, both leaders in their respective fields, have agreed a joint endeavour to deliver leading lubricants and technical aid to the operators of reciprocating compressors.

High-pressure compressors represent part of the range of equipment often used daily by industrial operators, and any improvements in equipment reliability should help reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

The two companies signed a worldwide collaboration agreement that aims to supply customers with reduced costs, greater value and improved productivity. Burckhardt Compression brings over 170 years of experience in compressor technology, including with reciprocating compressor systems, while ExxonMobil, which produces modern oils like Mobiltherm 605, has been a leader in lubricant development for more than 150 years.

The new collaboration will better meet customers’ needs by offering new product technologies that will be specifically designed for reciprocating compressor systems, which have unique performance requirements. Lifetime- and lubrication-related services will also be offered, as well as enhanced performance for equipment. Field engineer teams from the companies will provide specialised training in areas such as equipment troubleshooting, best practices for products and lubrication, maintenance support and lubricant analysis.

Commenting on the development, Burckhardt Compression’s President of Services Division, Martin Wendel, said:

“We are looking forward to working closely with ExxonMobil to offer the most suitable solution to our customers. With ExxonMobil, the lubricant expert on board, we are confident we can deliver best-in-class products and technical support for our advanced equipment and to help customers achieve their business goals.”

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