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FUCHS releases new sustainable grease for trailer axels


The Mannheim-based FUCHS has announced the release of a new lithium-free calcium sulfonate complex grease for lubricating the axle hubs of truck trailers.

A side-by-side, third-party study compared the new lithium-free RENOLIT CSX AWE 0 grease with an industry-standard legacy grease and found FUCHS’ new grease showed a reduced running temperature, better friction performance and superior performance under extreme pressure. In addition, fleet operators can benefit from superior protection from the water and corrosive road salts that are commonly encountered during harsh driving conditions.

FUCHS’s Dr. Nael Zaki, a research and development manager, said about the new product:

“This grease demonstrates a significant improvement in lubricating technology. This product is the latest addition to the FUCHS’ portfolio for the heavy-duty truck industry which includes lubricants for transmissions, power steering, braking, motors, shock absorbers, and more.”

In addition, RENOLIT CSX AWE 0 can be applied without cleaning away the existing grease, because it has been formulated to be compatible with the legacy axle bearing greases that were previously used. FUCHS says that the new product’s sustainable lithium-free formulation means that it presents a long-term solution for OEMs and fleet operators with stable pricing.

FUCHS is currently the biggest independent maker of advanced lubricants in the world, with it having solutions for the vast majority of applications and industries. Since starting in Mannheim, Germany as a family business in 1931, FUCHS has grown its presence to more than 50 countries with a global workforce of around 6,000 people.

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