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Shell and Eneco showcase eco-friendly windfarm plans

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Energy firms Eneco and Shell have unveiled their holistic plans for the Ecowende joint venture, with the offshore windfarm promising to work harmoniously alongside nature with minimal effects on local wildlife.

Speaking at WindDay 2023, Ecowende announced a range of measures aimed at mitigating any damage on a large scale and stimulating natural regrowth, as well as a comprehensive research programme to monitor the area above and below the waterline.

Ecowende’s project director and CEO, Folkert Visser, said while an immediate effect would be felt from some of the project’s methods:

“…many other are intended to try out new methods and fill knowledge gaps. The knowledge that we possess on the effects of wind farms on nature is not yet complete. This knowledge is indispensable if we want to expand offshore wind energy in the Netherlands in a responsible manner.”

Shell, which also makes gear oil and grease for the wind power sector, can likely apply the knowledge gained here to its other wind ventures, including those in UK waters, and this may help allay environmental concerns.

The measures that will be employed by Ecowende include locating the turbines further apart than normal to enable a safe corridor to a nearby Natura 2000 area and increasing the clearance between the lowest point of the blades and the waterline, all with the aim of reducing collisions with bats and birds. Reef structures made from fruit trees will also be built around the windfarm to encourage marine life to thrive there.

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