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Mobil joins up with Red Bull KTM

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US-based oil major ExxonMobil has formed a new partnership with the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team as it seeks MotoGP success this season.

The team only started racing full time in MotoGP in 2017, but it has enjoyed considerable success on the track, being the runner-up in last year’s championship series. Mobil, meanwhile, is a leading brand with a wealth of experience in creating lubricant solutions, including bespoke products to meet the extreme demands of motorsports. The team’s advanced KTM RC16 prototype race bikes will now have their components protected and lubricated by Mobil’s advanced synthetic transmission oil, motor oil and grease, potentially giving them an additional edge on the racetrack.

The manager for global sponsorships and motorsports at ExxonMobil, Rob Shearer, pointed out the exciting nature of this new collaboration, adding:

“…we are looking forward to developing a long and successful relationship with such a distinguished, dynamic & innovative brand as KTM. Our role will be to provide high performing cutting-edge fuels and lubricants, and hopefully Red Bull KTM can deliver to us race wins and championship.”

He also added that in addition to the company gaining the opportunity to highlight its cutting-edge lubricant products, consumers will also ultimately benefit as Mobil uses the racetrack experience to improve the products it supplies to customers around the world.

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