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Rugby World Cup to get a TotalEnergies-backed car-share platform

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Fans attending the Rugby World Cup in France this year will be able to access a dedicated car-sharing platform, thus reducing both travel costs and the environmental impact of attending matches.

The platform is being set up by a French start-up, with the backing of event organisers France 2023 and TotalEnergies, who in addition to being the maker of Total coolant and lubricant products is the official sponsor of this year’s Rugby World Cup. France 2023 CEO Claude Atcher previously said about having TotalEnergies as a partner:

“TotalEnergies wants to shift lines and play its full role in meeting the climate challenge. We want to move forward together towards the new energies that need to be at the centre of Rugby World Cup France 2023, and participate in its positive impact for society.”

Passengers and drivers first need to create a profile at “”. Fans driving to a match with space available in their vehicles will then be able to use the platform to advertise a journey. In just a few clicks, fans will be able to secure themselves a low-cost, environmentally friendlier shared-mobility option. Passengers pay the driver on a flat-rate mileage scale, with a fee of €1 per passenger charged to support the platform.

With 48 matches in 10 cities, the event’s organisers are trying to limit the carbon emissions that result from travelling fans. They say that a side benefit of the car-sharing approach is that it will also enable fans to meet and share their passion for rugby, which is really what sport is all about.

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