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What is the difference between DTE 24 and DTE 25?

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Mobil DTE 24 and Mobil DTE 25 are part of the oil giant’s 20 series of high-quality hydraulic lubricants with anti-wear properties.

All of these superior oils can stand up to the significant demands of hydraulic systems that use high pressure and output pumps. They can also be used to lubricate other hydraulics components, including machine tools that are numerically controlled, and servo-valves that work at close clearance.

These Mobil products ably meet the needs of even the most demanding requirements, as per a broad spectrum of component and hydraulic system manufacturers. Such producers benefit from being able to use one single product which provides them with an outstanding performance.

Product range features and benefits

Features and benefits that apply to Mobil’s DTE 20 series in general include the following.

Oxidation stability

The formulas assist in maintaining system cleanliness and reducing deposit build-up. This leads to a longer life for oil and filters. Maintenance downtime for repair and maintenance is lowered, which can lead to a reduction in operating costs.

System protection

Special additives designed to reduce wear and protect against corrosion have a beneficial effect on system components. This helps to prolong component life as well as improving productivity.

Protection from water damage

The lubricant’s ability to release water has the effect of protecting systems from it, whether the quantities are large or small.

System cleanliness

The oil’s cleanliness properties help to reduce system deposit and sludge accumulation. This can protect equipment from wear, damage and breakdown. Using these oils may thus extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs and improve system performance.

Coping with severe demand

These lubricants offer a super level of performance, even when placed under considerable strain during the most demanding operations. They can also cope with extended intervals between draining.

Principal uses

Some of the key uses for these oils include the following:

These lubricants can be used with various kinds of hydraulic system, including those that would normally experience sludge and deposit build-up where conventional products are used. Mobil’s DTE 20 series can also be used successfully with those hydraulics that usually require high load-carrying capability as well as anti-wear protection. They also provide protection against thin oil-film corrosion.

Mobil DTE 24 and DTE 25 are also incredibly useful when small quantities of water could be a hazard. They are also compatible with machinery that contains a wide variety of components comprised of parts made from a range of metals, as well as the sorts of systems that contain bearings and gears.

Product differences

Although the formulas of Mobil DTE 24 and DTE 25 are very similar, there are some subtle but potentially significant differences between the two.

Both have builder approval from a variety of sources including Denison and Vickers, but DTE 25 is additionally approved by Husky HS 207.

The two lubricants are identical in terms of foam and viscosity index scoring. DTE 24 however has a lower flash point, while DTE 25 has higher kinematic viscosity. Both feature a viscosity index of 98 and a pour point of -27. Mobil DTE 24, however has an ISO grade of 32, while DTE 25’s is 46.

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