PETRONAS Jenteram Turbine Oils



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The PETRONAS Jenteram Turbine Series is made up of high-quality turbine oils specially engineered for light-duty gas and steam turbines, as well as combined cycle turbines without or with associated gear drives that require zinc-based turbine oils. These solutions are formulated with the highest-quality base oils that are advanced with an additive package for anti-wear, anti-rust, antioxidant and anti-foam attributes.

The oils in this series provide excellent oxidation, thermal stability and anti-wear protection. They are designed to meet and exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements and key industrial specifications.

Containing outstanding turbine oils, this series suitable for numerous applications. As well as the turbines mentioned above, they can be used with journals, slides, rolling and plain element bearings, and when circulation is required in lightly loaded gearboxes.

These turbine oils from PETRONAS offers a wide selection of benefits. They can protect systems and components from wear while extending the active service life of equipment. Their stability helps them maintain performance at extreme pressures and temperatures and they offer corrosion and rust protection. They also have outstanding water separability to safeguard equipment from degenerative effects of excessive moisture.

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ISO VG 32, ISO VG 46, ISO VG 68, ISO VG 100

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20L, 208L