Mobilgear 600 XP 100 – 20L



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Mobilgear 600 XP 100

The Mobilgear 600 XP range is a set of high performing gear oils that can perform to a superior standard when exposed to extreme pressures and high load-carrying environments. These oils are intended for use with all enclosed gear drives featuring either splash or circulation lubrication systems.

This series of products has been designed to keep ahead of the game in terms of the ever-changing needs of gearbox technology. This technology is currently looking at smaller units with a similar level of power. The increase in power density puts an increased demand on gear lubricants. Mobilgear 600 XP oils have been specially formulated to meet the levels of stress gears will face by providing added protection for the gears, their bearings and seals.

Mobilgear 600 XP provides up to 15 times more protection against wear, which has been measured and verified by industry standard tests. It is able to provide protection against corrosion while keeping out leaks and possible contaminations. This series of oils is perfect for systems that operate up to 100?C or under heavy shock loads.

Features and benefits

As a leading member of the Mobil brand, these products can be relied upon for their quality. They come with a set of features that bring about numerous advantages. These features include:

Resistance to emulsion and foaming

This product has an effective resistance to the build up of oil foaming and water contamination, which can lead to a more problem-free operation.

Gear wear protection

As well as protection against emulsion and foaming, the product features an enhanced level of protection against gear wear caused by micropitting. This results in less wear, which leads to a minimised amount of unexpected downtime for maintenance purposes.

Enhanced protective qualities

The product has been crafted with a set of specially designed additives that allow for a greater level of protection against oxidation and the build up of sludge and deposits. This allows the lubricant to clean the system more effectively and permits a smooth operation. This results in a longer lubricant life and less downtime for maintenance and repairs, thus proving to be cost effective.

Main applications

This range of lubricants is recommended for use across a variety of marine and industrial applications, in particular bevel, helical, worm and spur gearing. They have also been approved for use in Flender gearboxes by Siemens AG. Specific applications for these oils include agitators, extruders, pumps and heavy-duty applications in industrial gearing, as well as centrifuges and main propulsion gearing for marine applications. These oils can also be used in non-gear applications, such as shaft couplings and slow-speed operating plain and rolling contact bearings.

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