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If you’re looking for a high-quality lubricant that can easily manage even ultra-heavy loads, as well as the most demanding conditions, then have a look at the Mobilgear 600 XP range. These gear oils perform outstandingly even under the most intense pressure and are equally compatible with splash or circulation lubrication systems.

When it comes to gearbox technology, everything is always changing. The Mobilgear 600 XP range is well equipped to cope with this. Recent development of gearboxes has centred around making smaller sized gearboxes that are every bit as powerful. This puts extra strain on every millimetre of the equipment. Mobilgear’s 600 XP oils are designed to cope with extra demand, while offering protection for the gears, bearings and seals.

Mobilgear 600 XP gear oils reduce wear on gearbox components; this is verified by industry testing. The lubricants are specifically designed to reduce leakage and resist rusting and contaminants. They are therefore ideal for systems operating at extreme temperatures, or under ultra-heavy loads.

Features and benefits

Mobil is a well-respected brand, and the Mobilgear 600 XP gearbox lubricants offer great features and benefits, such as the following:

Protection from emulsion and foaming

These lubricants are formulated to offer highly effective protection. They can resist oil foaming and emulsifying, which means they are incredibly reliable and result in a smooth, fuss-free operation every time.

Less wear and tear

These formulations are able to reduce gear wear, because the lubricant can resist micro pitting. This means that the equipment and systems need less maintenance and thus lower downtime. This makes productivity more continuous, saving time as well as money.

Lower levels of build-up

The oils are formulated to offer a supreme level of resistance to oxidation, as well as less build-up of sludge, particle deposits, and other contaminants. The system therefore runs more smoothly, because of how clean it is inside. With less time needed for either repairs or routine maintenance production levels are increased. The lubricants also have a long lifespan, which makes them incredibly cost-effective.

Key applications

These lubricants offer incredible versatility, being suited to marine and industrial gear systems; whether they are worm, bevel, helical or spur type. Siemens AG recommend using them with Flender type gearboxes too. The Mobil 600 XP oils are well suited to a range of industrial applications, including heavy-duty gear systems, agitators, pumps and extruders. They can also be used for marine applications, to include centrifuges as well as main propulsion gearing. In addition, the oils have other uses, such as lubricating slow-speed rolling and plain contact bearings, and shaft couplings.

You can rely on Oil Store

Mobilgear 600 XP 320 is a versatile gear oil that is suitable for a range of applications. This makes it very popular for industrial and marine use. At Oil Store, we offer a broad range of products at competitive prices and aim to give the very best levels of customer service, too. So why not contact us without delay, to find out more about this lubricant, as well as any other products you’re interested in?


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